LA Digital rents post-production editing systems and provides technical support to major film and television clients. LA Digital rents editing systems to its customers on a short-term basis,for use at the client’s site or at one of the editing rooms located at LA Digital’s facilities in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. As part of editing system rentals, LA Digital provides custom configuration, full-service installation, and 24/7 technical support. LA Digital past clients include major film studios (e.g. 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Lions Gate), major television networks (e.g. ABC, NBC, CBS), cable television networks (e.g. HBO, E! Entertainment, Versus), and independent production companies (e.g. Mark Burnett Productions).



LA Digitial is one of only a few Avid Authorized Level 3 Support Providers worldwide. As an authorized provider, the Company can offer Avid Assurance maintenance contracts. Avid Assurance contracts provide total customer support including unlimited telephone support, access to system software maintenance releases, discounts on spare parts and advanced parts exchange. Avid Assurance is offered to customers who purchase equipment from the Company. LA Digital is also an Authorized Apple Service & Support Agent. In the past LA Digital has had annual service contracts with Warner Brothers, E! Entertainment and NBC Studios. For its other customers, LA Digital offers technical support services a la carte. LA Digital provides custom configuration, full-service installation and 24/7 technical support



Editing Systems consist primarily of (1) editing software (e.g. Avid or Apple) that operates on a high-powered computer (e.g. Mac or PC), and (2) input/output device for video and audio, also known as a break-out box. A typical editing system will also include data storage devices, video tape recorders, monitors, speakers and other components. LA Digital currently owns hundreds of systems that can be used for editing and finishing. The Company rents the Symphony Meridien and Symphony Nitris on a weekly basis.


Data Storage - Digital video editing creates an immense amount of data which must be stored and accessed either through local storage or networked storage devices. LA Digital offers a certain amount of data storage as part of its editing system rental packages, but also provides additional storage if requested for additional charge. The Company rents local storage devices (i.e. hard drives) that range from 36 gigabytes to 2 terabytes. LA Digital rents networked storage solutions which allow multiple editors to share data and work collaboratively that range from 2,880-8,000 gigabytes of data and can be accessed simultaneously by up to 20 editors.


Peripherals and other miscellaneous equipment for rent to its customers. These products range from monitors and speakers to additional computers. Below is a list of typical peripherals and other miscellaneous equipment the Company rents to its customers:


  • Audio recorders and players
  • High definition decoders, sync generators, serial
  • digital legalizers
  • Audio mixers
  • Monitors and scopes
  • Speakers
  • Computers
  • Furniture